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Heart-Centered Values ~ Our Inner Compass

Your values are an expression of what you care most deeply about.

Values inform your vision, how you create your life; how you spend your time, energy, and money.

Values can also be chosen as markers of growth. Something you'd like to embody more of, grow into, and express more fully.

For myself, while certain core values remain the same throughout my life so far, others can gain meaning and ascendancy as we face challenges, growth, and in different phases of our life. I've found it helpful for myself and clients to reassess values every so often. To check in with yourself and look more deeply within. Especially when you're in a transition, or called to reassess what's really important and vital to you. What is your why? What values help keep you on course, close to your heart's knowing and soul purpose? What values are aspirational, calling you to grow as a human being.

Here is an example of the Values Mandala process that I created to lead people through.

The mandala, as a symbol of wholeness, is part of our human history and psyche. It's been used by indigenous people, shamans, Buddhist monks, artists, and psychologists (like Carl Jung).

I consider it as a beautiful way to map out your goals, values, and vision.

As an example, this is the Values Mandala that I created for myself for 2023 as part of my personal clarity and vision process for this year, a time when there's powerful transitions in my life.

At the center, is my core heart value, integrity. This is an unchanging principle that I recognized many years ago and which guides me internally. So I wrote a few words about what integrity means to me: being whole, truthful, heart-centered. When considering a course of action, I can ask myself am I being in integrity? And take time to explore that inquiry. To me, integrity represents wholeness of body, mind/emotions, and spirit working in concert.

Compassion is a value I've always aspired to, along with wisdom. It's important to me to be heart-centered and treat people with kindness, respect, and generosity. It's a marker of growth for me and reminds me I'm on a path of growth, a work in process.

As a woman who's purpose-guided, I always do my best to listen to my heart and have been dedicated to being of service. In 1975, as a young woman, I followed my heart to Hawai'i where I unexpectedly found my Chinese medicine teacher and a profession that engaged me for 30+ years. Recently, I followed my soul and heart calling to Life Resilience coaching and online course offerings. I feel called to support and contribute to creating a new paradigm of consciousness, leadership, and lifestyle on the planet during this time of planetary challenge and change.

Creativity is a vital part of my life and expression in play, work, and growth. I've always loved making and creating things. As a young child, I made my relatives little gifts created from things I gathered in the five and dime store (who remembers those!). And later, I loved creating simple macrame projects and made my dad a special macrame belt every year.

In my Chinese medicine practice, I spent a lot of care and time creating a relaxing, harmonious, and beautiful clinical setting because I know that healing begins when clients walk through the door. And I know the healing, nourishing, and playful power of color, art, and music. I strive to create a similar nourishing and healing atmosphere online. At home, I love to play with colors in my flower garden and in my weaving creations. It's so much fun! Creativity is essential to life and allows us to explore new possibilities as we allow our vision to unfold, embark on a new path, or create our new business. Creativity is a core feature of resilience and an invitation to explore magical realms where anything is possible.

Now, it's your turn! Here's a blank Values Mandala - a few pages from a longer inquiry Journal I've created. I invite you click this link to download your Core Values Mandala Journal and either print it out or fill it out on your computer. Set aside some time for yourself, for contemplation, reflection, and creating your Values Mandala. This simple process of bringing to the forefront of your consciousness your core values can make a powerful impact in your life and beings. Hold these ideals in your inmost heart and refer to them like a compass to inspire and guide you in the coming new year or new season of your life. I'd love to hear what you come up with and how it goes for you!

From my heart to yours,

Suzanne Sky, MTOM

Life Resilience Coach


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