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2024: Yang Wood Dragon Year

February brings the mystical, powerful energy of the Dragon soaring into our life for 2024. The dragon is a mystical creature in many traditions. To the Chinese the dragon symbolizes nobility, excellence, power, strength, wisdom, and prosperity. Dragon’s possess the qualities of being steadfast, wise, and, unlike Western versions of dragons, are known to be magnanimous and possess a tranquil nature. 

February 3rd (in the United States) marks the beginning of the zodiac year of the Yang Wood Dragon while the New Moon on February 9th (at 2:59 pm Pacific time)  heralds New Year Day and year 4721 in the Chinese calendar. It is also the first day of Spring in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, (also sometimes called the Farmer’s calendar) when the sun enters 315 degrees in the tropical zodiac. 

The mythical Dragon travels  through many realms — roaming the earth, swimming the ocean depths, and of course, soaring through the heavens.  Dragon is an Earth element animal that also contains some Wood and Water internally. 

In Chinese cosmology, the Chinese astrological zodiac of  12 animals combined with five elements comprises a cycle of 60 years. Throughout this cosmological cycle of 60 years one element and one animal is predominant for each year. In 2024  the Green Dragon means that the Wood element is predominant. 

In the ancient calendar system of Heavenly Branches and Earthly Stems, this year is known as Jia-ChenJia is the Yang Wood element which is sitting atop Chen the Earth Dragon. Some of the qualities of Chen Earth Dragon are loyalty, stability, and honesty. Earth energy is grounding. 

Jia Yang Wood is the first Heavenly stem in Chinese cosmology, representing the ruler and the creative life force. Green, the color of the Wood element, symbolizes growth and movement. Yang Wood is also about creativity and flexibility. Hence, Green Dragon energy is all about  transformation, ascension, and revitalization of energy. There is potential for growth, vision, innovation. A Yang Wood person is usually steadfast, kind, and reliable. The flip side of Yang Wood energy can show up as being headstrong and stubborn. 

We are in the last year of a Water cycle where Fire energy, symbolizing inspiration, positive energy, and optimism, is at a lower ebb.  Fire energy will return next year. For now, with this configuration and the interrelationship of the Yang Wood Dragon and other elements, it is a good year to take care of your spiritual and mental/emotional well-being. Cultivating your regular meditation or prayer practice along with journaling can support you and keep you connected to your spiritual center and positive energy. Don’t hesitate to seek out therapeutic counseling if you need some deeper support. 

The influence of this Yang Wood Dragon year on your physical health depends on which elements that are constitutionally predominant, your balance of yin/yang, and the energetic balance of your internal systems. A good Chinese medicine practitioner can help you learn about your constitution, assess your pulses, and create an herbal formula tailored for your needs. But generally, it is a good year to take extra care of your vision, eyes, liver, gallbladder, and the immune, nervous, and cardiovascular systems. 

A regular movement practice like Qi Gong or Tai Chi that encourages slow, mindful movement,  builds your strength, and nourishes your calm spirit are wonderful to begin or cultivate this year. The more yin forms of Yoga that emphasize natural (gentle) breathing and internal awareness with mindful, slower movements are also beneficial.

Enjoy your travels through the Yang Wood Dragon year and I hope it is truly a positive transformational year for all of us. There will be many challenges, of course, in the year ahead as we are seeing here in America and worldwide. Cultivate your calm center, relaxation, and positive outlook grounded in compassionate kindness so that you can be open to new possibilities in creating powerful dynamic wisdom in your life and in the world. 

from my heart to yours,



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