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Suzanne is developing Five Harmonies Academy creating  online courses

exploring five dimensions of resilience. This is a work in process. 


This self-guided course eases you into practice with simple steps and inspiration. You'll also receive four downloadable audio meditations. 

Join the waitlist to be one of the first to get notified when we open registration. At that time. you'll receive a special introductory offer. 

The Five Harmonies (or five dimensions of resilience) are expressions of the five elements of Asian and Ayurvedic medicines.
These encompass wisdom of the ancient sages of Taoist philosophy and Chinese medicine.

The Five Harmonies teach a way of life that is rooted in spirit, grounded in the natural world, and embodied.  
With awareness and inquiry practices we connect with our own inner guidance while creating well-being and harmony of body, mind, spirit.

As we create harmony, compassion, creativity, abundance, and wellness within our being, we can help create conscious community and work to bring healing, renewal, resilience, and well-being to the world.  
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