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GRATITUDE from clients

Suzanne is incredibly insightful and has a lot of lived experience (especially as a woman) that makes me feel accepted and understood. She is good at helping you find your own way rather than trying to force anything to fit; she has a strong belief that we have the resources we need.

I always come out of a session with her feeling more resilient than before. She is such a gift! ~ Christine B

I was so inspired and encouraged by everything you  shared and the great questions you asked. I came away from each session feeling clear and ready to make my  next moves. Thank you for all you do.  ~ MK

Suzanne Sky delivers unconditional love, empowered by the heart  ~ Dr. JGU

Thank you for your wisdom and deep listening - you are fabulous, Suzanne!" ~ PT


One of the unique qualities to your coaching style is how flawlessly you are able to weave your very insightful questions to get me to think beyond the surface of the issue I’ve brought to the session.

More than once, after you’ve brought a question to me, I’m amazed that you have articulated a new direction that totally changes the trajectory of the direction I thought I was originally going. ~ KF


You've been an oasis for me and such an integral part of my healing journey. - KA

This program and working with Suzanne exceeded my expectations. ~ JM


Suzanne, you are one of my favorite coaches I’ve worked with, because you come to the table with incredible experience and knowledge. I feel as if I am receiving so much more than life coaching, because of your Chinese medicine background as a practitioner.

As a coach, you truly see the “whole person,” blending Eastern philosophy, spirituality, psychology, science and coaching best practices. ~ KF


My sessions with Suzanne helped me make huge strides in my thinking and actions around money and my life path. I found the resources to work on retirement planning and consider my deepest core values – a big win for me!  ~ MK, herbalist and business owner

I have been working with Suzanne for many years now and find her approach both nourishing and healing. She immediately knows how to focus on the root issues.

I love working with Suzanne and recommend her highly to anyone, for any reason. She is a source of healing and wisdom. ~  KH



I feel so honored to have had your expertise that guided me through my most difficult years. I will be forever in your debt for your treatment and care of my body and soul. ~ RG

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