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Heart Alchemy Coaching Program
9 sessions ~ 3 months

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• You  are in a transitional, transformational phase of your life

• You'd like to brainstorm ideas and gain clarity about your next steps

• You are ready to release limiting beliefs that hold you back   

• You are ready to let go of old stories that keep you small   

• You are ready to open to new possibilities as you create your way forward 

This program is a collaborative journey.  Limited spaces available each quarter. 

Please schedule a free 30-minute Connection Session to apply.

Heart Alchemy Coaching Program is a journey tailored for you. 

  Session 1: Discovery Session ~ 1.5 hours ~ Create Your Map

    • assess where you are in your journey and how you see yourself

    • discuss where would you like to be and what would you like to create in your life going forward

     • clarify your vision, goals, along with your strengths and challenges

    • take a deep dive to integrate your three core values

    • identify which archetypal energetic patterns are active for you now

   • map out what you'd like to focus on and accomplish in these three months

   • create your Personal Vision Mandala MapTM to guide your journey

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As a Life Resilience Coach Suzanne offers a heart-centered approach resourcing five dimensions of resilience to empower women in the healing arts and solopreneurs.  

Are you ready for your next phase  of life?

Would you like to open to new possibilities, deepen your life vision,  and live more deeply and fully from your heart's inner knowing?

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  Throughout the Heart Alchemy program are invited to engage in inquiry, journaling, active imagination, somatic and contemplative practices to connect with and listen to your heart and soul's inner knowing. 


  Sessions 2 through 8: your Heart Alchemy Journey!

  We created your map in session 1..... In these sessions:

   • we will continue our exploration with dialogue, compassionate inquiry, and other methods

   • you may be invited to do some journaling and explore new practices and routines in your life

   • along with inner exploration, you will be able to clarify your tangible next steps


  Session 9: Integration Session

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   Time to celebrate your completion and tend to whatever is needed for integration and next steps.

    • assess where you are in your journey now

    • what have you learned & what has changed for you

    • your next steps going forward

Possible topics for exploration

     • create a pathway with clear steps through a transformative time in your life and/or business

    • create nourishing self-care and wellness practices to support your lifestyle and vision

   • recreate your mindset and routines to skillfully manage your resources of time, energy, and money

    • identify and clarify your personal and business values, strengths, gifts, vision, and mission. 

    • explore what archetypal patterns are meaningful for you in your life and going forward

    • travel through a cycle of the Five Dimensions of Resilience Mandala as a transformative path for growth and integration 

    • choose one to three areas within the Five Dimensions of Resilience Mandala that are most important for your growth and transformation right now. 


What is Coaching?

Coaches partner with clients in a thought-provoking creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.
The process of coaching often unlocks internal sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership.

-International Coaching Federation

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Ready to take the next steps on your journey?

I offer a free 30-minute Connection Session so we can explore the possibility of working together.

I'd love to meet with you!

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