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Resilience Practices for Autumn: Part 1

Seasonal Resilience Building Practices for Autumn: An Approach Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Suzanne E. Sky, MTOM, Life Resilience Coach

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that lessons on how to build our resilience are best learned from nature. Autumn is a beautiful time of transition. Leaves turn vibrant yellows, reds, and earth tones, falling to the ground to replenish the soil with minerals and nutrients for next year's growth.

As a Chinese medicine practitioner for over 30 years, I advised many people from all walks of life to take their cues from seasonal shifts when it comes to building resilience. Simple practices based on the wisdom shared from Chinese sages can help us take care of ourselves and build our ability to manage stress and find meaning in our lives. Here are a few traditional processes that can help us do just that:

Manage Your Energy

Traditional Chinese Medicine advises us to remain calm, peaceful and centered in the transition months of autumn to gather our spirit, energy, and focus as we move into winter. Conserving our energy in this way during autumn and winter nourishes our root energy.

In autumn, as the days become shorter, we are advised to go to bed earlier and rise early in the morning. Sleep is well-known to be a key factor in resilience, helping to recharge our nervous system, brain, and systems of the body.

Find a Gentle Movement Practice

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, autumn is considered the season of the Lungs, which rule physical strength and stamina. Autumn is the perfect time to practice Qi Gong or Tai Chi to enhance well-being. Simply allowing our natural breathing relaxes our nervous system. There’s no need to do any specific breathing exercises, which can overwork or stress our system. Our whole body naturally breathes in alignment with the vertical flow of energy connecting heaven and earth that flows through us from head to toes and toes to head in a continual cycle.

From my heart to yours, Suzanne Sky - Life Resilience Coach

As a Life Resilience Coach, I offer a heart-centered approach to support purpose-driven women in transition in creating the meaningful life they love. We work together in a collaborative coaching process to identify practical steps you can take in alignment with your abilities, core values, and life vision so you can live your heart and create the impact you want. My whole person coaching integrates compassionate awareness, collaborative dialogue, gentle inquiry, and an invitation to engage in journaling and embodied awareness practices.

I offer a free 30-minute Connection Session to discuss the possibility of us working together. I'd love to meet you!


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