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What's a Financial Wellness Coach?

by Suzanne E. Sky, MTOM, Life Resilience Coach

Money Coach - Financial Wellness Coach

A Money Coach offers a unique service and perspective. We're a speciality service similar to, yet quite different than financial planners, accountants, and financial advisors. You may very likely hire one or more of us to support your financial goals.

"Financial planners can assist you with specific financial needs, such as investing, while money coaches teach you the skills you need to handle your own money wisely." - Amy Livingston

A Money Coach usually brings a diverse skill set to working with clients; we focus on your relationship with money in the context of your life, personal values, lifestyle, and goals. We're part Life Coach – curious about who you are and here to support your growth as a person. We're curious, in particular, about your money habits, stories, challenges, and strengths in relation to your core heart vision for your life.

What are your values and what kind of lifestyle do you want for yourself and your loved ones? How are you supporting yourself to create that? We help you discover questions that help you find your own answers. And we help keep you accountable; which increases your chances of achieving your goals.

Since I've been a health and wellness practitioner most of my life, I call myself a Financial Wellness Coach because I consider finances as one of the dimensions of wellness.

Taking care of our finances is right up there with eating a balanced, nutritious diet and keeping fit with a daily healthy movement practice. Cultivating and maintaining a conscious, consistent financial self-care practice is as essential to our well-being as brushing our teeth.

Why A Money Coach?

People seek out a money coach because they want clarity; they feel unclear about where their money is going, how to organize and track it, how to grow their financial life to the next level, among many reasons. They may realize they'd like to change their money habits and reframe their relationship with money.

I wish I'd known about money coaching when I was younger. Of course, in the 1970s and 1980s this field was just beginning. But a money coach could have helped me early on in my life to more fully uncover my mindset and childhood money stories that were keeping me small and creating unconscious limitations on my growth.

A good money coach, which I have now, helps you set up practical systems that help you assess, plan, track and grow your finances. This helps make the numbers meaningful, personal, and improves our relationship with money. Our financial self-care becomes part of our regular wellness lifestyle.

From my heart to yours, Suzanne Sky - Life Resilience Coach

As a Life Resilience Coach, I offer a heart-centered approach to support purpose-driven women in transition in creating the meaningful life they love. We work together in a collaborative coaching process to identify practical steps you can take in alignment with your abilities, core values, and life vision so you can live your heart and create the impact you want. My whole person coaching integrates compassionate awareness, collaborative dialogue, gentle inquiry, and an invitation to engage in journaling and embodied awareness practices.

I offer a free 30-minute Connection Session to discuss the possibility of us working together. I'd love to meet you!

As a financial wellness coach, I offer support, guidance, and practical tools that you can learn and implement in your life. I offer a heart-centered approach and practical skills to help you transform financial worry, anxiety, and stress into financial clarity, resilience, and confidence to create the life you love.


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