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Create Your Vision for the New Year!

by Suzanne E. Sky, MTOM, Life Resilience Coach

When dark nights are lengthening as we approach Solstice, I crave the return of the light with longer days. My energy naturally spirals inwards during what feels to me like a special time between Solstice and New Years. Most years, I honor my tradition to enjoy a bit of quietude and solitude to review and revision for the coming year and renew my soul. Meditation, relaxing inside, walks outside, tea and chocolate, along with journaling and visioning my year and first quarter are part of this ritual time as I prepare for the new chapter of the coming year. What are your change of year rituals?

Whether you enjoy quiet time or rich times with family and friends, one year is coming to close and a new year is around the corner. Now is a great time to reflect on where you are and where you'd like to be in the coming year. What needs to be left behind? What would you like to bring forward? What new ideas, experiences, or things would you like to create in the coming year?

Consider and give thanks for accomplishments small and large – especially in this very unusual and challenging year of 2020.

Now is also the ideal time to consider your finances and create your financial vision and plan for the year ahead.

Money is the currency of our dreams and life vision.

When we're rooted in financial stability and a nourishing relationship with money, we feel empowered. Are you ready to own your worth, create your dreams, and own your financial worth?

While women control more than half the personal wealth in the US and 32% of global wealth, a river of studies show that women of all ages are not engaging with their money. Even capable, intelligent women often defer long-term money decisions to their spouses and only 16% of women in one study said they took the lead financially in their relationship.

And sadly almost a third of women say they have either no retirement funds or less than $10,000 in retirement savings. Yet, because of life changes, sooner or later eight out of ten women become the sole person responsible for their finances.

The good news is that we're never too young or too old to take charge of our money and create financial self-relience. The key is being clear about our values, life vision, and goals. Then, creating a plan for earning, spending, saving, and investing in alignment with our core values and vision. Planning, along with tracking and revising regularly, enlivens us to navigate the journey of life.

From my heart to yours, Suzanne Sky - Life Resilience Coach

As a Life Resilience Coach, I offer a heart-centered approach to support purpose-driven women in transition in creating the meaningful life they love. We work together in a collaborative coaching process to identify practical steps you can take in alignment with your abilities, core values, and life vision so you can live your heart and create the impact you want. My whole person coaching integrates compassionate awareness, collaborative dialogue, gentle inquiry, and an invitation to engage in journaling and embodied awareness practices.

I offer a free 30-minute Connection Session to discuss the possibility of us working together. I'd love to meet you!


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