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 I guide visionary women solopreneurs from feeling overworked and burned out to reclaim

your inner knowing and inspiration, 

so you can feel energized and empowered.

As a visionary creative

• you can often overwork, feel overwhelmed

• you often come close to burnout

• your inner critic or perfectionism can keep you from moving forward

• you can be overgiving

• as a sensitive and empathic person you can experience compassion burnout

• you may not be taking enough recharge time for rest and self-care

• you are getting bogged down in the details of work and projects

• you know it's time to change up your self-care routines and practices.

• you feel disconnected from your core wisdom and inner guidance

• you may be feeling overwhelmed and anxious

• you often feel tired and wonder what happened to your visionary inspiration

Hello, my name is Suzanne Sky and this is my dear friend Ginger!


As a Life Resilience Coach, I work in collaboration with creative, purpose-driven women to reclaim your calm center, inner knowing, and resilient spirit. You are a busy creative entrepreneur and visionary. You may be feeling overwhelmed, anxious, uninspired, or tired. Your inner critic may be working overtime. You need to rest, allowing yourself time for renewal, opening to new possibilities, and revisioning. But it can be challenging to take time for yourself. 

I support you to discover self-care and inquiry practices that nourish your living wellness and resilience. As your healing and awareness deepens, you connect with your heart's calling and soul purpose. When you connect with your inspiration and creative energy you can create the meaningful impact you envision for your life. The world is ready​ to hear your voice and receive your gift!

I got involved in the healing arts as a young woman of 17 starting out as an herbalist and nutritional consultant. Since then – more than 50 years ago! – I've worn wore many hats including consultant, counselor, researcher, writer, product development, and business entrepreneur. For over thirty years,  I ran my own clinic as an herbalist and Chinese medicine practitioner. As practitioner, I recognize the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.  My practice was listening deeply, offering support, and creating nourishing treatments. I always work to nourish the innate resilience, harmony, and wisdom of my clients. My aim is to support each person's capacity to deepen and grow in their life, spiritual, and daily endeavors.


In 2020, I retired from clinical practice to begin my work as a life resilience coach and to focus on writing and offering courses. This was in response to listening deeply to my heart's calling combined with inner inquiry and outer exploration over a period of a few years. This allowed me to connect with my felt sense of my soul purpose for this new phase of life with clarity on my path forward. As I take each step, with both challenges and joys, the path continues to emerge.


Wanderer, there is no path; the path is made by walking. - Antonio Machado

Even as a child, I knew there was more to life – an inner spiritual dimension. And the possibility of a conscious, compassionate culture where people lived in harmony.  But a real awakening at age 16 made me realize that I needed to take steps to create my own meaningful life. I was soon introduced to the Fourth Way work that offers a process of observing yourself and inner inquiry as a path of growth. Since then, I've engaged in wellness self-care entwined with spiritual and consciousness work. I found my life's work and path when I moved to Hawai'i in 1975. Here I healed deeply from a challenging childhood, enjoyed island life, and studied with many amazing teachers and mentors. 


Learning Vipassana meditation in 1986 changed my life and opened new possibilities. It helped me calm my mind, heal my nervous system, and connect with my deeper intuitive knowing and being. Since then I've been fortunate to study and work with many powerful mentors and teachers. Nadao Honda in Hawai'i taught a small group of us in the areas of meditation and energy awareness. Much later, I was part of a Diamond Approach group with Sandra Maitri for six years. These experiences, and many others, contribute to my ongoing growth and appreciation of life.

In all beginnings
dwells a magic force.

~ Herman Hesse

Resilience: Rooted In Spirit

Through my personal life and professional work, I came to see the essence of wellness as the capacity for resilience. This is

why I define my work as being a Life Resilience Coach. To me, resilience is our capacity to be with our deepest knowing, rooted in spirit. Rooted in spirit; grounded in nature, our earth, we walk our path of work, play, creativity, and connection. The meaning and expression of this is unique to each of us. 

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I enjoy my life as a creative life artist and homebody here in Southern Oregon. My art includes coaching, writing, gardening, and creating a delightful, relaxing home. I love playing with colors, in my home and garden; and enjoy photographing flowers and nature. Ginger, my golden-hearted dog, and I enjoy walking out in nature and on our daily neighborhood walks.

Contact me to set up a free 30-minute Connection Session!
I'd love to meet you and hear your challenges and vision.

GRATITUDE from clients


Thank you for your wisdom and deep listening -

you are fabulous, Suzanne!" ~ PT


You've been an oasis for me and such an integral part of my healing journey. - KA


Suzanne Sky delivers unconditional love, empowered by the heart  ~ Dr. JGU


Suzanne, you are one of my favorite coaches I’ve worked with, because you come to the table with incredible experience and knowledge. I feel as if I am receiving so much more than life coaching, because of your Chinese medicine background as a practitioner.

As a coach, you truly see the “whole person,” blending Eastern philosophy, spirituality, psychology, science and coaching best practices. ~ KF

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When you feel ready to expand your journey to ...

create clarity and aligned action

listen with open-hearted awareness

deepen  your creative capacity & self-leadership

experience   embodied, courageous resilience

connect with your inner resources & knowing

live your heart-centered life vision

I would be honored to collaborate with you as your coach. 

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Life is not about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.

~ George Bernard Shaw

Suzanne's Professional Degrees & Certifications

2022    International Coaching Federation - Associate Certified Coach (ACC) 

2021    Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Program Certificate 

2021    Whole Person Certified Coach

2021    Coaching for Self-Leadership: Intro to Internal Family Systems Certificate

2021    Certified Financial Recovery CounselorTM

2020    Power of Embodied Transformation Certificate: Online Coach Training, Coaches Rising

2019    Power of Embodied Transformation Certificate: Online Coach Training, Coaches Rising

2019    Certified Wellness Coach: International Association of Wellness Professionals

2004    Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Magna cum laude. Pacific College.

1989    Masters in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. World Medicine Institute

1983    B.A. Holistic Health Perspectives  University of Hawai'i at Manoa

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