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Heart Alchemy Collective
~Women's Membership Community



Courses + Coaching
Community Empowered
Learning + 
Spiritual + Professional Growth
in a safe, private, supportive space.

You're Invited to Be a Founding Member

As women, we face unique challenges.
We have unique gifts.
And we are stronger together.

Belong to a community of heart-centered women creating change in the world.

Private community for purpose-driven, heart-centered women. 

Support your personal and professional growth.

Vision, map, create, and live your vision.

Build your skills, confidence, and clarity.

Identify practical steps to move forward.

Connect with your heart vision and soul purpose.

Develop your presence, calm core, and inner knowing.

Share your stories, wins, challenges, and brainstorm.

Explore and integrate  five dimensions of resilience  

Learn to attune to your inner rhythms and the seasons.

• Create lifestyle routines that nourish you.

Skillfully manage your flow of time, energy, and money.

Restore and maintain profound wellness and resilience.

 Note: This is not a Facebook group. It is an ad-free, safe, and secure platform. 


The world aligns with us when we align with the core pattern
and innate purpose set within our heart.
Changes at the level of the individual heart and soul
can generate the collective energy needed
to change the conditions of the world.
- Michael Meade


Women's Heart Alchemy Collective

Membership offers you:

• Private community of like-minded women (not FB)

• Weekly livestream for discussion, Q&A, coaching

• Access to four live, community empowered courses each year

• Resources including Journals, articles, and more

• One 45-minute coaching session with Suzanne per quarter

• Weekly Journal prompts for community discussion

• Opportunity to give and receive support

• Share stories, challenges, wins, and brainstorm ideas

• Accountability, support, growth, and collective wisdom

Community Empowered Courses

We take a deep dive in to the heart of living wellness and resilience.

 One Live Interactive Course each quarter (five to six week course)
• Exploring dimensions of resilience in relationship to yourself, your life, and work.
• Build skills, strategies, habits, resources to create inspiration and support for you!
• Livestream & private discussion community. 

LR mandala _nov9.png


• Integrating Heart ~ Body ~ Head Centers

• Creativity and Your Inner Resources

• Create Your Brand: Values, Colors, Feeling

• Meditation & Qi Gong

• Journaling for Inquiry, Insight, and Growth

• Healing Your Money Relationship

• Exploring Your Challenges & Strengths

• What Archetypal Patterns Inform You Now?

• 5 Keys to Create Your Calm

• Mindset & Compassionate Self-Inquiry

• Cultivating Nourishing Routines

• Heart Alchemy: Map Your Life & Money Vision

Members also receive one private 30-minute coaching session
per quarter with Suzanne Sky   ($125 value)
and a 10% Discount on Suzanne's Heart Alchemy Coaching Program

Heart Alchemy 1 : 1 Coaching  Program - 10 sessions

Focused on your goals and needs over three to four months.

We map out what you'd like to focus on and accomplish.

All programs can include these areas of exploration:

• assess where you are and your vision going forward

• create your Personal Vision Mandala Map to guide your journey

• compassionate inquiry into your values, strengths, and challenges

• understand which archetypal patterns are meaningful for you now

• transform your relationship with your finances

• clarify your specific next steps

• we address body (somatic), mind (mindset), emotions (energy flow), and sprit (meaning and soul purpose). 


Life is not about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself. 

~ George Bernard Shaw

Women's Soulful Resilience Collective
~ Membership Community ~ 

Your investment in yourself - Membership Benefits

Quarterly or Yearly membership offers you:

Weekly livestream for discussion, Q&A, coaching    (value: $1200/quarter or $4800/year)

Access to four live, community empowered courses each year: begins Jan 2023 

            (value: $597/quarter or$2388/year)

Access to a library of on-demand courses and resources. 

One 45-minute coaching session with Suzanne per quarter   (value: $500/year)

10% discount on 1:1 Coaching sessions and programs with Suzanne Sky, MTOM, LRC


private community of like-minded women (not FB) 

• opportunity to give and receive support

• share challenges, wins, ideas, and strategies   

• accountability, support, growth, and collective wisdom

• resources including PDF journals, articles, and more

• weekly Journal prompts for community discussion

We are still growing, so there's more to come.

And, as Founding Member's you'll be part of that growth,

because content will naturally be tailored for member's needs. 

Note: our community is ad-free, secure, and private.

It's like our online personal retreat and community center. 

Founding Members Full Investment:

Quarterly membership:  $175 each quarter

Yearly membership:       $650 

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