Living Resilience Coaching with Suzanne

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Is it time for a change in your life, work, or creative expression?

Are you ready to create your next phase of life and would like support?

Would you like confidence and clarity to create positive change in your life?

Are you a wellness practitioner, life coach, or creative who would like support with your own growth?

As a Life Resilience Coach, I love working with purpose-driven women, like yourself, ready to deepen in your knowing and expression. You may be a life coach, wellness practitioner, or creative solopreneur; you may own a coffee shop or run a yoga studio. For whatever reason, change is the air. You're ready to deepen in your growth, change direction, or grow your impact. 

Perhaps you need to reframe dimensions of your heart, mind, or life to create new possibilities in your personal life or business. You'd like to explore your options, deepen and clarify your life vision, and are open to new possibilities. Your creative imagination is activated. You know that your inner work impacts your life, work, and play. You are on a journey of growth. 

There are also challenges. Maybe your inner critic is working overtime, your confidence and clarity at a low. Perhaps you feel out of alignment with your heart's calling. You may be experiencing anxiety and overwork. Or physical, emotional, spiritual, or compassion burnout. You wonder "where am I in this picture?" Yet you know that taking time for yourself and focusing on your inner well-being alleviates stress and helps you reconnect with your heart's knowing and clarity.

We work together integrating heart-centered, collaborative dialogue and compassionate inquiry to help you ground in your inner knowing, Engaging your creative process with clarity, grace, and resilience you can identify practical next steps to express the changes you envision.

I offer a free 30-minute Connection Session to explore the possibility of working together.

I'd love to hear from you!


GRATITUDE from clients


I have been working with Suzanne for many years now and find her approach both nourishing and healing. She immediately knows how to focus on the root issues.

I love working with Suzanne and recommend her highly to anyone, for any reason. She is a source of healing and wisdom. ~  KH


One of the unique qualities to your coaching style is how flawlessly you are able to weave your very insightful questions to get me to think beyond the surface of the

issue I’ve brought to the session.

More than once, after you’ve brought a question to me, I’m amazed that you have articulated a new direction that totally changes the trajectory of the direction I thought I was originally going. ~ KF

I feel so honored to have had your expertise that guided me through my most difficult years. I will be forever in your debt for your treatment and care of my body and soul. ~ RG


My sessions with you helped me make huge strides in my thinking and actions around money and my life path. I found the resources to work on retirement planning and consider my deepest core values – a big win for me!

I was so inspired and encouraged by everything you  shared and the great questions you asked. I came away from each session feeling clear and ready to make my  next moves.

Thank you for all you do.  ~ MK


Life is not about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself. 

~ George Bernard Shaw

What is Coaching?

Coaches partner with clients
in a thought-provoking creative process
that inspires them to maximize
their personal and professional potential.
The process of coaching often unlocks internal sources
of imagination, productivity, and leadership.

-International Coaching Federation

Life Resilience Coaching Empowers You

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Clarity Your Core Values

Compassionate Awareness

Nourishing Self-Care

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Opening to New Possibilities

Resourcing Resilience

Embodied Self-Leadership

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Heart Centered Living 

Rooted in Your Heart's Knowing

The Art of Grace


Good morning, sunshine!

Are you ready to create your morning radiance?

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