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Ice Texture

Suzanne Sky, MTOM

Life Resilience Coach

I work with heart-centered, purpose-guided women in the healing arts who are ready to revitalize their life vision, and take the next steps in their personal, professional, and spiritual growth. 

A paradigm shift is occurring.

We are at a turning point in our world with many challenges & possibilities before us.

Women are essential change-makers during this time. 

You are part of creating a new paradigm of consciousness, leadership, and lifestyle.

As change makers,  we are called to deepen our insight and heart presence. We are also called to examine our shadow aspects of limiting beliefs,  mental/emotional patterns, and areas where we've become stagnant or just feel blocked.  


The invitation is to compassionately embrace both these yin and yang aspects of our being. 


My work is to support your growth as you

create clarity and aligned action

listen with open-hearted awareness

empower  your creative expression

nourish  yourself & tend the earth

integrate  your wisdom & self-leadership

experience   embodied, courageous resilience

connect with your inner resources & knowing

embody your heart-centered life vision

You are feeling the call to more fully contribute your gifts & experience to support the personal & collective healing dynamic.

How will you nourish your radiant heart & resilience during these pivotal, challenging times?

Resilience: Rooted in Spirit

Through my personal life, spiritual path, and work in the healing arts, I came to see the essence of wellness as the capacity for resilience. 

To me, resilience is our capacity to be fully present, rooted in our heart, our spirit; our deepest knowing.

Rooted in spirit, grounded in nature, our earth, we walk our path of work, play, creativity, and connection. The meaning and expression of this is unique to each of us. 

Ice Texture

Ready to take the next steps on your journey?

I offer a free 30-minute Connection Session so we can explore the possibility of working together.

I'd love to meet with you!

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